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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trailer Trash

Got to hand it to the film industry if they do one thing right in the film making process its making the audience want to see a movie due to an awesome trailer. Ads for a movie create the buzz that gets folks talking and in the seats at the movie theater or purchasing movies as a new release. Normally the hype isn't lived up too, but the movie is at least decent. The problem lies in horrible movies with great trailers.

Take for instance Taste of Flesh: Reviewed here

This is the trailer for the movie:

Based upon that trailer alone I shelled out $14.95 (US) on Amazon to get the movie the day it came out and my hands shook with glee as I tore into the plastic wrapping and for some reason 3 anti-theft devices (online purchases shouldn't have to worry about shop lifters). I now understand the need for the wrapping and security devices I was about to open up Pandora's Box of Crap. The movie looks NOTHING like the trailer, blood and guts would have been a plus instead we get a stunt double for Jabba the Hutt eating thigh bone on wonder bread.

Another great example of this in the horror industry is Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. (review to follow later) check out the trailer:

Robert Englund,in a "Evil Dead" type movie with the sprinkling of a Troma flick. Here is my money now, send me the Bluray when it comes out. Can I have my money back? I've seen better special effects in high school movies shot on a camcorder with paper plates on a string for UFOs. For the love of god, LOW BUDGET DOESN'T HAVE TO EQUAL CRAP. Play to your strengths and hid your weaknesses.

Its not just low budget horror that does this with its trailers either.

Do we really need to go into G.I. Joe or the Transformers movies? Play to the nostalgia factor get the audience in the seats and spoon feed chicken shit. Rinse Lather Repeat.

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