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Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Email, Another Response

"Hey Zombie I can't help but notice all the Saw put downs, I like the movie why are you so against it?"

Wow an intelligent easy to read email. I would be more than glad to answer this question. Where to begin.

Wow an intelligent easy to read email. I would be more than glad to answer this question. Beginning to Where.

An intelligent easy to read email, Wow. I would be more than glad to answer this question. Where beginning to.

That my friends is why I hate Saw. Its the same stupid movie over and over again with a little change thrown in here and there. There is no point to the flick except to see splatter. Mindless splatter is GREAT, Mindless splatter with no point at $10.00 a ticket at a local theater is retarded. I love the movie Hatchet, I will forever promote the hell out that movie and it is just mindless kill after kill after kill with a little dash of a reasonable plot. Its also just a DVD that doesn't get a lot of press. Its not a movie that gets a yearly update shown in theaters to rake in millions of dollars.

I hate movies that are made just for money. I mean if you make a great flick and a ton of cash more power to you, but you should never make a movie hoping to get rich. The first rule of making a movie is to Entertain an Audience. Its not that hard to entertain a majority of people, but targeting the idiots that have to see every movie at the ciniplex with no taste in movies is just too easy. The creators of Saw and Michael Bay have done just that, throw feces on the wall if it sticks market the hell out of it, if not put it out anyways and say its the greatest movie since Citizen Kane.

I cannot stand garbage cinema, I know that is surprising since I love "B" movies so much but I know what I'm going to get from a Troma flick, I know what I am going to get from a Half Moon production. It may not be a masterpiece of CGI or have an unlimited budget but it has a story and a point. Saw had it in the first movie, but the almighty greenback got to everyone. Need proof, Saw II wasn't even originally the sequel, the name was changed and jigsaw thrown into it to capitalize on the first one. Make money off movies sure but don't insult the audience that enjoys film for what it is an art form.


  1. I respect your opinion, but disagree. In my opinion, if they were making it simply for money, they wouldn't even try. But every sequel to date (minus the fifth one, which i like, but it is the weakest) has made me think about what could happen next, what could they possibly add to this, and the character of jigsaw, to me anyways, is some what of an inspiration. The meaning behind these films, to appreciate ones life, has a deeper impact for me personally and i like the way the films execute it. I am and forever will be a SAW fan but totally respect your opinion.

  2. Rhonny,

    I agree with you to a point that the plot is to respect ones life, but how many times can you point that out? I mean Jaws was a great flick, but what was the point of all of the follow ups its the same shit over and over again.

    I'm not against all sequals hell some franchises get better over time (and then get bad again). An example would be the Elm Street series each movie while having Freddy in it targeting teens in their dreams has a different plot. The Dream Warrior is different than the first one and they are both different than the Dream Child.

    Mindless babble like Saw has ruined American cinema.

  3. "Mindless babble like Saw has ruined American cinema."
    Now I totally disagree with this. SAW is not the same shit over and over. Each of the sequels had its own message to the viewer and connected to each other in a way not many horror franchises in the past have. If its the same shit over and over, you would have to say this for all the horror classic sequels. Freddy kills teens in dreams, Chucky's been tryin to get a damn human body for 5 movies now, ect. Movies like SAW haven't ruined American cinema...American cinema has been the same for years.




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