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Friday, October 9, 2009

Responsibility of the Movie Reviewer

As a movie reviewer I have a great responsibility (even if its one I gave myself). My responsibility is not what some of my colleagues think it is telling you what to see and what not to see. My job is to tell you what you should/can expect in seeing a movie.

Example being, if I really do not like a movie I am going to tell you the movie sucks and is a waste of your time to see. I may on occasion such as my review of Dead Moon Rising make a funny comment to hit home the fact the movie is garbage. But that doesn't mean you should solely take my opinion on the matter as the voice of God (if you do I will tell you where you can send your check for my ministry). Too many times people do not see a movie because Rodger Ebert says its garbage. True he has been right a few times but I do not like the same movies he does, I found Super Troopers incredibly funny but I never would have seen it had I listened solely to him on the matter.

My suggestion on looking for a movie review is too look at the archive sections on their websites. If you see a movie you liked read the review see if you agree, if the person has done several reviews of movies you have seen check those too. Once you have found a critic that shares tastes then yes if he or she comes out and says a movie is garbage take the advice with LESS question, but please keep the question in your mind.

I personally go through changes in what I like in movies, yes the focus remains on horror but as I watch more and more movies I pick things up on it. As an example if you had asked me in the mid 90s what I thought of Killer Klowns From Outer Space I would have told you it was a garbage flick based on the fact the only "comedy" I liked in horror was 1 liners from Bruce Campbell and Freddy Kruger. But now that I have seen movies such as Shaun of the Dead and have revisited Killer Klowns I see the goodness of the movie. Does this mean every pile of garbage from my youth is now a treasure, no just like there are several films from my youth that were awesome then I can't stand now (looking at you Howard the Duck).

So once again I point out please make up your OWN mind on whether a movie is good or garbage. I will still make reviews and give you my opinion on the movies I have watched. I welcome yours below.


  1. Great post! Glad I could be an inspiration!

  2. very well written and well said. I totally agree can't base a movie on 1 persons veiw. glad I found your blog as I write reviews to but no where near as good as yours



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