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Monday, October 12, 2009

Letting Nostalgia Dictate Taste

There is nothing more I hate more as a reviewer than to hear someone say I liked Director X's last movie so I'm going to love this movie. WRONG. Every movie is different, almost everything is different 90% of the time. Different camera operators, writers, actors and best boys (and you too Key Grips) these things are the heart of a movie. Yes the director puts the soul in a film but each film is different. If every film was the same everything would be Citizen Kane and Streetcar Named Desire.

Now I am not saying a director can't have a perfect score of good movies but even my favorites have their what the hell where you thinking flicks. Once again these are my opinions of flicks an if you read my last blog you know how far that goes but; Keven Smith had Jersey Girl, Romero has Diary of the Dead and George Lucas has the prequels and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. It goes to show that even the best directors are capable of making bad film choices. I think if Kill Bill vol 3 does get made we will lose Quinton from the perfect list.

Blindly wasting money for cinema is stupid, if you have that much cash to throw around send me a check I'll make sure it gets put to better use than buying Micheal Bay a new house. Film goers going to the movies due to a recognizable name is what is wrong with the film industry today. This is why there is a Saw VI with 3 more sequels to go. Fans go every October shell out 10 dollars a piece (plus the outrageous cost of snacks) to see the same crappy plot played out with a different twist in the last 22 minutes. I have not seen Saw VI but I can pretty much guess that Jigsaw will figure out a way to come back to life, kidnap some people that are connected (they won't realize it in the beginning) and in the end will mysteriously either vanish or die again. The man had an autopsy done and still got up from the table, either he is Hardcore (E-C-Dub) or the writers are smoking some very very potent doobage. Either way the franchise is garbage but as I have said before is paying the bills at Lionsgate.

So what can we as film goers do? Unfortunately nothing even movies that debut directors would normally get are being sucked up by the leeches that are out to make a buck (Avatar is being directed by M. Knight? Come the Fuck On). The real challenge for us as film goers are to back the independent flicks, I was excited to see the response the South by Southwest film festival received, and flicks like Paranormal Activity received an outcry of fan support to get a nationwide release. After watching the advance copy I got the film itself did not impress me very much, however the fact that an original flick is getting released in a land of remakes and retellings has.

Enough ranting from me, I'm curious what everyone else thinks. Please leave your comments good or bad. They are greatly welcomed. Keep a look out for my Zombieland review sometime tonight. I'll try to leave out the Saw references in, I said I'd TRY.

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