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Monday, October 19, 2009

Who am I? An answer to a "fan" email

I recently received an email about my review of Dead Moon Rising. I will not bore everyone with posting it here. If you need an example visit any IMDB message board, it will be about the same context and difficulty to read (I will admit I am very poor in grammar but what I write is at least legible enough to read). This email did do one thing correctly and that is getting me to think about the last sentence which I will cut and paste:

"....who are u 2 said what flick good or as bad." Like I said I'm not posting the entire email because if you can imagine reading 5 paragraphs of run on sentences that look just like that, you could understand why I have such a headache.

But it is a good question, even if it is presented in a manner that resembles a toilet log. What gives me the right to say a movie sucks or is great? I am not a journalist, I am not a member of the screen actors/writers guild and other than the occasional promotional copy of movies in the mail I am not even that in touch with the right people in Hollywood, though I think my internet service provider has connections to Bollywood. After all that I still do not have an answer to the question, sure I could go the route of stating the fact that I pay for Netflix and my local video store or hell even mention the freedom of the press/speech that the United States Bill of Rights provides. That would be an easy out, but like my ex-wife always said I never do anything the easy way.

I am a movie reviewer. I am not a critic, I am not a blogger (yes I use a blog). I have been writing reviews for about 10 years. I have been watching the specific genre of Horror since I was 7 years old so I have 20 years experience watching good gory and brutal horror and have discovered over time what I like and what I do not like. I am not your average movie goer that goes to the theater once a week and sees the latest and greatest flick, I am that guy you see at your video store that goes through all the old movies looking for something original. I am the guy that has suffered through so many below "B" flicks hoping for a silver lining that I can quote the most obscurest of flicks on a whim.

For every 20 flicks I catch in a given month only a few get reviewed and the others are saved for a rainy day. I am not your average reviewer that writes about the latest movie out hoping to get views either, sure I reviewed Zombieland but zombies are my thing and any chance I get to write about them is a plus. I like to discuss obscure horror, I love the topic so much that one of my good buddies is @ObscureHorror on twitter (plug).

My knowledge of films has helped solve many a bar room bet and a week doesn't go by that I do not get a text message asking for a film recommendation. I don't know that if it gives me the right to bash a movie or not, but I sat through the flick and I should be able to give my opinion to anyone that wants to read or listen to it. The tagline for Southern Fried Horror used to read "Saving the common man from watching bad flicks, by watching it ourselves". I like that idea, if I can stop someone from watching a movie based on my opinion I feel I've done a good service but only if that person trusts my opinion. Later tonight I plan on releasing a top 25 list of my favorite films and explain why, this should let everyone know who I am, because I think you can tell a lot from a person based upon the type of movies they watch.

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