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Monday, October 12, 2009


As a precursor to this review it does contain some spoiler information, here are my guidelines on the matter

As with all my reviews I may at times give spoilers out on the flick. I try not to do things that ruin the entire flick such as saying who the killer in Scream is but my big thing is if your reading a review of a movie you want to know 4 things:

1. Should I avoid the flick altogether
2. Is it good enough to justifying only a bootleg view
3. Is it good enough to spend money in theaters
4. Is it good enough to spend money to buy the DVD

The answer to these questions when it comes to Zombieland is Yes to questions number 3 and 4. See this flick in theaters and buy it the day it comes out on DVD or Blu Ray. If you LIKE zombie flicks this is a good movie, if you LOVE zombie flicks this is one of the best movies to come out in probably the past 5 years.

Major Casting:
Jason Eisenberg - Columbus
Woody Harrelson - Tallahassee
Emma Stone - Wichita
Abagail Breslin - Little Rock

The plot of Zombieland is the adventure of Columbus and Tallahassee in the post zombie outbreak across the United States. Columbus has several rules he has created for surviving, however just because the two heroes are surviving doesn't mean they are living. It isn't until Columbus and Tallahassee run across the scam artists Wichita and her little sister Little Rock that their luck goes from bad to worse. Eventually as in all zombie flicks the two groups come together as they set out for California so Little Rock can visit an amusement park and Tallahassee can continue his search for Twinkies. Wichita and Columbus start the hints of a romance along the way setting up a neat little set up for the remainder of the flick.

My impression of that plot is ludicrous however after watching the flick it works, and it works REALLY well. Tallahassee's obsession with Twinkies is hysterical and the interaction between Tallahassee and Bill Murray is cinematic gold. Before this movie I could not stand Woody Harrelson but I have to really change my stance on it. The movie is 125 minutes long which is a bit long for a comedy horror flick but you do not really notice it going by, there is not a lot of action despite what the trailers for this movie show. If you think your going to see Resident Evil style fight scenes you are going to be disappointed, however when the fighting does start it is done very well.

This movie has a LOT of cheese in it and a fair amount of corniness but it plays really well. You can tell everyone that made this knew it wasn't going to be a masterpiece of cinematic history but it flows so well that I think they have at least when it comes to zombie horror. The makeup and special effects are really good, was not crazy about the running zombies but it was needed in this flick to help sell the final horror scenes.

I give it a 4 out 5 and it will be purchased as soon as it comes out on DVD.

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