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Friday, October 23, 2009

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter a Review


I have reviewed some B-Movies in my day but this was the B-Movie. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is the type of movie that makes you stand up and take notice of independent horror flicks and appreciate those movies that are diamonds in the rough. This really is not one of those movies. While this movie won several awards at film festivals it makes me wonder what the competition was.

The plot is pretty straight forward, there are day walking vampires in NYC and they are attacking and transforming all of the lesbians into vampires and there is only one hope for the lesbian population, that’s right Jesus H. Christ. The movie is basically horror, kung fu (I use that term very VERY loosely) and comedy. It has a lot of good ideas but the acting is just not there. It kind of reminds me of a high school drama club making a movie and getting it distributed. With a little bit of work on the acting and fighting choreography this could have been a great indie horror flick up there with Razor Blade Smile. This movie just tried too hard in my opinion to incorporate Jesus Christ Superstar and Blade. The comedic value of this movie is worth a watch though as watching Jesus fight 100 Atheists and Agnostics is just humorous as anything I’ve seen in a while. This movie has a lot of potential for anyone that likes camp and b-movies just beware the acting.

All in all I would give the movie a watch if you can get your hands on it just to laugh at it, I watched it on my online Netflix account so I didn’t get to see any part of the DVD and it killed a couple of hours of insomnia.

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